Nihon Sansho Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as our company ) take customer’s trust in the first place, consider handling personal information appropriately and secretly as key responsibility. Therefore, we enact Privacy policy regard to customer’s personal information and educate all of the company employee and group company about how to handle personal information. These actions are written below. Also, personal information which is already possessed and used by us, we treat them equally followed by privacy policy.

  ( 1 )    Acquisition of personal information

 We acquire personal information legally and fairly. When we ask customer to provide personal information, we disclose

purpose of collection and use to the customer in advance, then we collect limited amount of personal information only to

accomplish its goal, within our company’s fair business.

  ( 2 )   Use of personal information and shared use

We use customer’s information within range of customer’s consent and range of our collected purpose.  About usage purpose, within under range of usage purpose, we consider necessary  information to accomplish its purpose as usage purpose within our company’s fair business.

●Range of purpose of use 

Response to inquiries regarding our business

Response to inquiries regarding our products or service 

Response to inquiries or request from customer

Purpose of when we get customer’s consent in advance and so on

●Purpose of use except above

When we have to use our customer’s personal information other than above purpose, except the case of  permitted to regulations, we need to get customer’s consent in advance.  

( 3 )     Provide personal information to a third party

We do not provide customer’s personal information to a third party without customer’s consent. However, under the law enforcement, company may disclose personal information to third  parties without your consent for any of the following reasons: to comply with any law, regulation.

  ( 4 )      Procedure of disclosemodify personal information

If the customer requests to inquire,  modify or delete the customer’s personal information, please contact our company. We will disclose, modify or delete the customer’s personal information within reasonable deadline only when we could identify it’s request is from customer  itself and  the  request will not interfere our business significantly.


We comply rules and regulations of privacy policy which is applied to our possessed personal information. Also, this policy is based on Japanese law and other regulations. This policy defines our basic policy of  how to handle personal information, we follow this policy and protect personal information according to laws and regulations of privacy policy.   
 We protect personal information from unauthorized access(hacking), loss, distraction, falsification and leaking. In order to assure preciseness and safeties of handling personal information, we prepare information management system and proceed appropriate safety policy.

We restrict entering outsider to our office where handling personal information, educate all the workers who involved in our privacy policy include executive officers and employees then arrange management representative to manage personal information properly.    


We make continuous improvement for handling privacy policy to correspond to change of Japanese laws and regulations, how to handle information and it’s environmental change. 


Regarding to handling personal information, please contact to below information.

 Contact regarding to personal information

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